Style On: 8 Engagement Ring Styles to Try On

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It’s the moment that girls dream about forever. Could there be a more romantic time in your life than planning your wedding? From the dress, to the flowers, to the music and menu, it all begins with the perfect engagement ring. Engagement rings should be symbolic of everlasting love— something you wear on a daily basis to signify to the world that you are in love with someone else.

Now more than ever women are taking a proactive role in telling their significant other the type of ring they want. With so much to think about including the shape of the diamond, side stones and clarity, a good place to begin is by thinking about a ring that could complement your every day style.

Don’t just be a size queen—if your style is more minimal, how could it possibly make sense to buy an oversized solitaire blinged out ring? I recommend that you go in to your favorite jeweler with an idea of what will look good with things you like to wear everyday. While your engagement ring can still make a statement, its great to have something that goes with what you wear day in and day out.

I’ve scoured the market to select engagement rings to complement every style. Which one are you?

Rory McDonough is a freelance stylist and fashion editor. His styling work has appeared in indie mags like Oyster and Russh. He is the fashion editor of the Plum Network where he worked with celebrities such as Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington-Burns. Most recently he worked with stylist B. Åkerlund on Madonna’s halftime performance at the Superbowl.

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