Style On: 8 Colorful Jewels for Spring

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Traditionally seen as the season of re-birth, is there a better time than Spring to add vibrant new energy to your closet? Simply put, there is no better way to add color to your wardrobe this Spring than through jewelry. For me, the season signifies the end of the sea of black and grey and a transition into welcoming vivid color.

This year designers like Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander embraced soft pastels in their collections and while their looks are perfect for the runway, it can be difficult to pull off head-to-toe color without coming across like an Easter Egg.

With color, the old saying of less is more holds true. You can add pops of color through your jewelry and you will come across as modern and fashion forward no matter your age. One of the things that makes jewelry special is that it transitions from season to season. I recommend looking at both fine jewelry that will last forever and costume pieces that are more affordable and can still stand the test of time. I picked some of my favorite colorful pieces in stores now.

Rory McDonough is a freelance stylist and fashion editor. His styling work has appeared in indie mags like Oyster and Russh. He is the fashion editor of the Plum Network where he worked with celebrities such as Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington-Burns. Most recently he worked with stylist B. Åkerlund on Madonna’s halftime performance at the Superbowl.

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