cheap polyester

Would a synthetic by any other name smell as cheap? Why Ultrasuede, imitation leather, and Lycra are getting a name reboot from retailers.

Are retailers trying to pull the wool over our eyes or just the polyester over our heads? We've noticed a worrying trend of certain synthetic, much-maligned fabrics being rebilled with more appealing names.

Par exemple: Forever 21 doesn't sell cheap rayon (a semisynthetic) or polyester garments, it sells überchic knit and woven garments that are—wait a minute!—made of rayon, polyester, or some sort of man-made blend.

This is just like the time we found out Bruce Willis's real name is Walter.

And while American Apparel is the Mecca for gold and silver lamé leggings and swimsuits, just try to find the word "lamé" in its product names. Instead you'll find a Shiny Suspender Swimsuit and a Shiny Too-Short Tube Dress—two titles in which even "lamé" wouldn't be the most cringe-worthy word in the bunch. Thank goodness for the fine print on the label—and the telltale glare threatening to blind us.

While we can't really fault stores and designers for wanting to make lackluster or imitation fabrics sound more glamorous, are shoppers really taking the bait?

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headscarf trend

There are people who can pull off hats or headscarves and look fabulous. Me, I feel like I have a lump on my head.

So when I was asked to try the fresh-off-the-runway trend of wearing a headscarf, I was not that excited. In fact, I think my silent response was, ‘Oh god, no!’

I can’t lie and say I haven’t felt a sense of failure at being one of the few fashion people in the world who can't always pull off one of the staples of necessary headgear.

I love hats and scarves on other people but kind of hate them on myself. Plus, I don't always travel well out of my comfort zone when it comes to accessories (I know, unusual for a fashion addict, but I'm over 30 and set in my ways).

I used to experiment much more in high school and college, trying out a rainbow of Manic Panic hair dye that tormented my mom, vintage dresses and jackets “deconstructed” by me, and the usual fun faux pas that comes easily when you’re fashion-fearless.

But that’s not me now. These days I prefer a blazer, cute shoes, and an LBD. Done. Accessories don’t usually play a part.

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Kristen Bell new face of Neutrogena

There has been much movie-fashion talk in my world these past few weeks, what with the awards nominations being announced. Not red carpet fashion, movie fashion.

At lunch on Sunday at Il Posto Accanto, my favorite East Village Italian wine bar and restaurant, Susan Fales-Hill and Peter Lyden, both huge ballet fans and supporters, were discussing Black Swan.

“What about the costumes?” chimed in Peter Bacanovic. “They made the movie.”

Of course they did. They were Rodarte.

“Helena Bonham Carter has such unique style and proved that she can still pull off a more mainstream look,” said Susan, referring to Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the Queen Mother in The King’s Speech.

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