La Prairie’s White Caviar Collection Releases New Products

La prairie white caviar skin treatment

Photos courtesy of La Prairie

La Prairie's White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream SPF 15, Illuminating Eye Cream, and Spot Treatment

We make no secret of our La Prairie obsession.

After using the brand's Revitalizing Emulsion, we were instant fans. Just one application of the Cellular 3-Minute Peel and we were hooked.

Now, the Swiss skin care company has introduced three new products in the super-luxe White Caviar collection, which includes a spot treatment, a hand cream, and an eye cream. All three products help fight age spots, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation.

Ultra-rich and moisturizing to battle harsh outside temps as well as dry inside air, the new offerings are just what dehydrated skin needs. (We tested the eye and hand creams on a particularly arctic day—and, trust us, your skin will thank you.)

To keep your mitts looking and feeling youthful, indulge in the Illuminating Hand Cream SPF 15. Want to fight under-eye puffiness and dark circles? Try the Illuminating Eye Cream.

For those really stubborn marks, opt for the Spot Treatment, which prevents future excess pigment from forming and brightens dull skin. Meaning: Buh-bye dark spots and hello healthy glow.

La Prairie's White Caviar Spot Treatment, $150; Illuminating Hand Cream SPF 15, $150; and Illuminating Eye Cream, $350; will be available at, and starting in February.