6 Best Beauty Products for Winter

Winter weather can take a serious toll on your skin. But just because the mercury takes a nosedive doesn't mean your complexion has to go down with it.

From a protective cream to a revitalizing mist to a detox mask—these products will give your beauty routine a boost and keep those winter blahs at bay.

Estée Lauder
Photo courtesy of Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Clinically proven to reduce uneven skin tone in just two weeks, this ultra-smooth formula provides an instant pick-me-up that withstands even the harshest of conditions. The oil-free serum’s Triple-Optic Technology will give skin a nymph-like luminescence: Soft focus optics smooth the appearance of the skin’s surface, color-correcting optics help neutralize redness and discoloration, and brightening optics increase surface reflectance. Meanwhile, powerful antioxidants such as rice bran extract and vitamin E will aid in keeping imperfections and unevenness from reappearing.

Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator by Estée Lauder, $58-$85; at Estée

Clé de Peau
Photo courtesy of Clé de Peau
Clé de Peau

This silky cream—Clé de Peau’s very first broad-spectrum sun protection formula—absorbs in seconds, leaving skin plump and dewy. And though we all know the importance of using SPF year-round, harmful rays are actually most intense in the winter! Luckily, for those of you who've already spent endless hours trying to achieve the perfect tan, this product also helps reverse sun damage, penetrating the skin and delivering potent ingredients to soften the signs of sun exposure. The beauty brand's signature Illuminating Complex reduces cellular stress, regulates cell turnover, and improves the skin’s barrier function.

UV Protection Cream SPF50 by Clé de Peau Beauté, $120; at

Photo courtesy of Dior

Featuring a high dose of the detoxifying ingredient Detoxinyle, an algae extract that stimulates the skin’s own natural recycling system, this serum-to-mask treatment is
perfect for when skin is in “toxin overload” (read: climate change, jet lag, and periods
of intense fatigue, stress or overindulgence). Massage into skin and the lightweight
formula transforms into a melt-away mask that penetrates deep inside skin’s cells.
In just 10 minutes your skin receives 15 benefits and is primed for other products.

Capture Totale One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask by Dior, $95; at

Photo courtesy of MAC

Infused with the 77-mineral complex that made its mineral makeup such a big hit, this new skin care line from MAC also features an ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology that invigorates the skin and leaves it looking radiant. We’re loving this hydrating mist, which   keeps your complexion’s moisture levels in check. Plus, the formula contains pure diamond powder, so you can spritz it over makeup to achieve that perfect winter glow.

Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy by MAC, $22; at

Bobbi Brown
Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown

The natural beauty master has taken her her cult-favorite, moisture-rich skin care balms and added intensive anti-aging benefits. So, now, not only will your skin stay hydrated and supple throughout the winter months, but it will also be strengthened. This age-defying balm contains a potent blend of Argireline Peptide, which helps boosts natural collagen production, and Clary Sage Ferment, which improves the skin’s ability to hold in moisture.

Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm by Bobbi Brown; at

La Mer
Photo courtesy of
La Mer

When the air turns crisp and dry, it’s time to get serious with your skin-care routine. Touted as "a revolutionary treatment that complements skin's natural healing process," this product enables the skin to repair and restore its appearance. Not only amazing for traumatized skin (scars and burns), it's also great for everyday regimens, as it helps combat daily aggressors and improves skin's overall appearance. Containing a generous amount of the luxe brand’s Miracle Broth, just a couple of drops provide big results.

The Concentrate by La Mer, Travel Size (1 oz/30 ml), $275; at