Maybelline Unveils 2012 Calendar

maybelline calendar

Photos courtesy of Maybelline

The bold and the beautiful:  Maybelline's 2012 calendar has been unveiled.

If your New Year’s resolution is to turn up the volume on your makeup routine, this is a good place to start.

Cosmetics giant Maybelline has released images from its 2012 calendar, an explosion of color and over-the-top beauty for every month.

maybelline calednar unveiled
Photo courtesy of Maybelline
Erin Wasson pumps up the volume for Maybelline's 2012 calendar.

Erin Wasson, Emily DiDonato, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Julia Stegner, Jessica White, Lisalla Montenegro, and Shu-Pei Qin are the calendar’s pretty faces, posing for photographer Kenneth Willardt in vignettes that range from DJing to campaigning to working in a tire shop and selling newspapers. (Models: they’re just like us?)

And though the spotlight's on the makeup—the impressive handiwork of Maybelline’s global makeup artist Charlotte Willer—the wardrobe is a sight to behold as well, styled by legendary Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field. 

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