Top 5 Nail Polish Names for Fall 2011

fall nail polish colors

Photos: Courtesy of OPI | | courtesy of Essie | | courtesy of L'Oréal

A polish by any other name ... OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Leighton Denny's Astronaughty, Essie's Size Matters, Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch, and Butter London's Tart With a Heart

Part of the fun of getting a mani/pedi is turning over the lacquer bottles to see what the colors are cleverly called. (Fact: It is bad luck to wear something that has a name suggesting anything remotely negative.)

So, from the punny to the perverse, behold our favorite nail polish names for fall/holiday ...

Fresh Frog of Bel Air – OPI: Trust Kermit to inspire a genius name that deftly combines both our passion for puppets and our love of '90s pop culture references. Due out in November, this sparkly green lacquer from OPI's Muppets Collection narrowly beat out Warm & Fozzie and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It as best Muppet-meets-manicure moniker. Someone over there is clearly a Will Smith fan ...

Astronaughty – Leighton Denny: New for Fall 2011, this "intense plum with sizzling red shimmer" is right up our inner Mae West's alley. The outer space-themed Atmospheric Collection also includes wink-wink shades like Your Planet or Mine?, Purely Plutonic, and Big Bang. Hubba hubba.

Size Matters – Essie: Part of Essie's jewelry-inspired Winter 2011 line, this "priceless" ruby-red hue is talking about carats. What were you thinking?

Bitter Bitch – Tom Ford: On sale November 1, Ford's nail polish range includes names that could easily double as porn stars: Ginger Fire, Scarlet Chinois, Bordeaux Lust. But there's just something irresistible about the idea of coating our talons in Bitter Bitch's vampy mocha hue and channeling Joan Collins as we scratch out our enemies' eyes, snap our fingers at hunky shirtless waiters, and claw our way to the top.

Tart With a Heart – Butter London: Always a fan of a good rhyme (remember No More Waity, Katie?), Butter London is releasing this sparkly pink shade as part of its 2011 Holiday Collection. We'll assume they're not referencing the esteemed Duchess of Cambridge this time.

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