‘Ultimate Celebrity’: Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Ultimate Celebrity
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Fame game: The "Ultimate Celebrity" revealed

Much has been made of the Duchess of Cambridge’s shiny brown mane, and you’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of Angelina Jolie’s enviable pout. But what might they look like together?

U.K.-based beauty e-commerce site polled nearly 9,350 of their customers to discern the most covetable celebrity features—from hair and lips to eyebrows, cheekbones, chest, and more.

The result? A vaguely eerie computer-generated image of the “Ultimate Celebrity.”

(Of those polled, 65 percent were female, which makes it all the more interesting that the ideal “woman” looks more or less like a male-fantasy fembot.)

The brunette royal's hair and Jolie’s lips made the cut, naturally, along with Megan Fox’s eyebrows, Cheryl Cole’s eyes, Kate Beckinsale’s nose, Keira Knightly’s cheekbones, Gwyneth Paltrow’s chin, and the décolletage of Kelly Brook, an English model and actress.

So, is the “Ultimate Celebrity” a dreamy mix of famous features or a jumbled Hollywood nightmare?