Naya Rivera Named Proactiv Celebrity Ambassador

Naya Rivera Proactiv
Photo: PR Newswire
Naya Rivera is the fresh new face of Proactiv.

Santana has spots? Who knew?

After a bout with acne, Glee star Naya Rivera is singing the praises of Proactiv in her new role as the skincare brand's latest celebrity ambassador.

Rivera, who follows past spokespeople like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Julianne Hough, will appear in TV ads set to air in the spring.

(Can we put in a request for a Santana-style insult streak in which she shames those zits into submission?)

"I am excited to be a part of a show that encourages teens and young adults to embrace their differences and be proud of who they are as an individual, which is exactly why I am honored to represent Proactiv," the actress says in a press statement.

"Working with Proactiv will allow me to take that self-confidence message a step further by helping individuals tackle their acne and literally put their best face forward."

"Naya is a confident, independent, and vivacious young woman who, through her acting and singing career, has become a role model on what it means to have amazing self confidence," adds Greg Renker of Guthy-Renker.

"This partnership will allow existing and new Proactiv customers to hear how she translated her fight with breakouts into an inspirational story of feeling and looking your best."

Fingers crossed for a Brittany cameo ...