Kim Kardashian Sued Over Tria Hair Removal Claims

kim kardashian being sued by hair removal company
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Hairy situation: Kim Kardashian is being sued.

Kim Kardashian’s been nothing if not vocal about her preference for a hairless body, but it looks like her ringing endorsements might be coming back to haunt her.

TMZ is reporting that hair removal system Radiant (the company that sells the infomercial favorite No! No! Hair) is suing the soon-to-be divorcée for misleading consumers about hair removal.

It seems Kardashian, who endorses at-home laser hair removal system Tria, has recently been raving that she uses the laser over her whole body and that “You’ll never need razors or shaving cream again.”

Radiant argues that these claims are deceiving, as Tria itself says it’s not safe for the entire body and is meant to be used in conjunction with shaving.

The company is reportedly seeking unspecified damages for the alleged false claims.

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