Immortal Twilight Fragrance Launches

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The lady is a vamp: Immortal Twilight fragrance

We always thought it was the scent of blood that drove vampires wild, but apparently a heady mix of citrus and chamomile does the trick too.

With Breaking Dawn: Part 1 set to hit theaters on November 18, Twilight Beauty is sinking its teeth into a new scent inspired by Bella and Edward's "breathless romance."

Boasting top notes of cool citrus and wild chamomile, a heart of white freesia and peony, and base notes of musk, cool amber, and patchouli, Immortal Twilight comes in a purple-tinted glass bottle that features reflective facets and an etched feather design.

“Immortal is defined as everlasting–never to be forgotten," Twilight Beauty brand manager Jaega Haralambus says in a press statement. "From the eternal life of a vampire to the eternal love between soulmates, Immortal Twilight is the personification of undying romance.

"Like its namesake, this scent will live on in the memory of everyone who wears or smells it. The delicate balance between its three notes yields a truly alluring, wearable scent.”

The scent retails for $35, or $21.99 as part of a duo (the fragrance and shower cream). But maybe keep a garlic bulb handy just in case.

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