Dita Von Teese Wants to Launch Men’s Fragrance

dita von teese
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Scent of a man: Dita Von Teese wants to create a guy's fragrance.

Her eponymous women's fragrance hasn't even hit stores yet, but Dita Von Teese is already plotting her next scent.

Unfortunately, this time we girls aren't invited to the party.

"I am just dying to do a men's fragrance," the burlesque star tells Women's Wear Daily. "It's an idea that came to me recently."

Not surprisingly, it's another iconic seductress who provided the inspiration for the new project: Mae West.

“[She] wouldn’t have had her own perfume," Von Teese says. "She would have done a men’s fragrance."

The former Shiseido sales girl, who cites Marlene Dietrich as a muse for her "femma fatale"-inspired women's scent, also has strong ideas about what the cologne category is missing.

“I love the idea of advising men on what they should wear and how to wear it, because I think we often encounter men (even more than women) wearing the wrong fragrance—strong, overpowering stuff that women don’t like," she explains.

"I think I’d love to be sort of an adviser to make something supersophisticated, unusual and unique ... There are elegant ways for men [to be] wearing fragrance. It's just that they're not the big commercial brands, because those are sort of too sporty, too spicy, too lemony."

And don't get her started on those beefcake-y ads.

“They [men] don’t want to look like that," Von Teese insists. "They don’t want to look at that guy showering or with his shirt off. Most of them don’t. I’m imagining how great [my] ad campaign, the commercial could be. I’d love to have 10 men behind me in tuxedos wearing the fragrance, so we can all enjoy it. I’m just thinking about the fun part. I’m settin’ the tone. I’m doing the groundwork. It’s all about that focus group. I’ll be there for that focus group."

A head for business and a bod for sin? We dig it.

Meanwhile, see the sultry campaign for Dita Von Teese's first fragrance.