Saying YES to natural lashes, it’s our new favourite thing!

Ladies when it comes to our lashes we think it’s safe to say that we want them longer, thicker, and looking healthy right?! Most of us have likely tried everything we can get our hands on to try and make
it happen - mascara, curlers, fake lashes, extensions... you name it! There’s a lot out there but it’s all so hit and miss it’s hard to actually find something that makes your lashes healthy!

So, what happens when you want a healthy lash look naturally but aren’t genetically blessed by the
lash gods? You get a Lash Elixir Kit! Did we say “a”? We meant the Lash Elixir Kit.

The kit we’re referring to of course is The Queen Pegasus Lash Elixir Kit by Per-fékt Beauty. Celebs like Kim K swear by it and nobody can deny her lashes (particularly her bottom lashes) are any less than
out of this world amazing.

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Per-fékt Beauty

What it does.

The Queen Pegasus is Per-fékt Beauty’s two-step Lash Elixir Kit, and it’s designed to help natural
lashes look longer, thicker and healthier. Plus, it’s supposed to be part of your nighttime
routine, which means it works while you sleep - finally, getting your beauty sleep actually means something now.

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Per-fékt Beauty

How it works.

As we mentioned this kit is used before bed, or after you take your make-up off for the night. And there are only two steps, so it really couldn’t be any easier:

Step 1 is called THE BASE, and it goes exactly where you think it does - the base of the lash! It nutrifies the lash follicle with a powerful dose of peptides, minerals, and amino acids.

Step 2 is THE LASH – we bet you know where that goes too. Yup, this step is used on the full length of the lash, and enhances with liquid crystal, botanical extracts, and vitamins.

This lash elixir was designed by some of the top US names in the cosmeceutical game, so you know it’s good stuff. Liquid crystal - if that doesn’t make you feel expensive we don’t know what will.

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Per-fékt Beauty

Real results.

The ingredient list is impressive yes, but we STILL can’t get over the results people are seeing after
using this Lash Kit. You’ve all seen the IG posts, and read all the reviews - this stuff actually works,
and apparently quite quickly! 30 days to noticeably longer & thicker looking natural lashes is amazing!

We’re not saying that you should all throw away your favourite mascara (yet) or pretend like we don’t see our lash tech at the grocery store…but if we can get that look, naturally, without damaging our lashes, and without spending a fortune... WELL why wouldn’t you?!

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Per-fékt Beauty

Getting the natural look.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the natural or “no makeup” makeup look, has been trending everywhere recently, and the Lash Kit might just be our new secret weapon for perfecting it.

Speaking of the natural look, the brand behind The Queen Pegasus has been paving the way for women to embrace (not hide) their natural beauty for the last 15 years. Yup, Per-fékt Beauty knows what
they’re doing, and if your vanity is looking a little light, you should check out the rest of their products. They have what you need for eyes, lips, face, and body - and everything is made with  proper, healthy skincare in mind. That means all their products don’t just make you look good, they do good for your skin too.

You can shop the entire collection at, but if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, check out their bundles - you can save up to 25% that way, AND they even have the Lash
Kit in a few of them too!