A 'Not to Be Published' Photo of Princess Diana Goes Up for Auction

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Years after her devastating death and photos of Princess Diana continue to pop up everywhere. 

But unlike the many other photographs of the late Princess showing off her gorgeous smile and envious hair amidst a sea of press photographers, this recent picture features a very different side of Lady Di. 

In the above never-before-seen photograph, Di is pictured laying across an unidentified man's lap (though we kind of think he looks like Michael Douglas), with a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey sitting on the windowsill above her head — the words "Not To Be Published" are scrawled on top of the image.

"26 February 1981" is marked on the back of the photo, the date the picture was sold to the Daily Mirror and a mere two days before Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Eric Caren, owner of the the Caren Archive (which also owns a significant amount of the Daily Mirror's archives) said, "It's an intimate photo - I don't know the man in the picture and he could be a friend or a boyfriend." However, the Daily Mail believes this picture to be taken on a Swiss ski holiday in 1980 and that the man could be Rory Scott, an early boyfriend of Diana's. (The Daily Mail is asking anyone to call their office should they know who the suggested man is.)

"This would certainly not be the way the Royal Family would have wanted Diana to be presented at that moment," Caren continued. "My guess is that it was a privately taken photograph that the Mirror purchased but for some reason did not publish."

Caren Archive is putting the 8x10 photograph up for auction this month and it is expected to sell for an estimated $1,000. 

That's not a hefty sum for a "not to be published" image, but maybe the mysterious man in the image will buy it and it will be happily ever after.