Cameron Silver Talks Decades for Rent The Runway

Photo: WireImage

Decades founder and co-owner Cameron Silver with Rent The Runway co-founders Jenn Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss and Decades co-owner Christos Garkinos.

Last night, Rent The Runway and Decades celebrated the launch of 'Decades for Rent the Runway'—a limited-edition collection of vintage treasures—with a pop-up shop in the Openhouse Gallery on Mulberry Street in New York City.

Tables and shelves of drool-worthy vintage Chanel, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent bags and shoes along with racks of floor-length bead-embellished gowns took over the gallery space, a sight that would make any girl go weak at the knees.

Looking dapper in a bright pink Ben Silver tie, Decades founder and co-owner Cameron Silver talked to FashionEtc about his new Bravo reality TV show based on the famous Los Angeles-based vintage boutique.

"Filming the episode today was really dramatic. It's all real. It shows what it is like to be in fashion, to be an independent retailer, to be building a brand, paying your bills, dealing with great international clients, going to great closets and the world around all that, so it's not just about the four walls of the store, it's the lifestyle around the store. Today was such an organic day, it was dramatic just organizing this event. Real life reality is enough. There is nothing fabricated.

"What's interesting is that we are not interlopers in the fashion world. We've had 15 years with Decades, there is real celebrity dressing. This is not a fake store, this is a really well-known business and you can kind of see how it works. People are always fascinated by the world around Decades so it's nice to give them a peek into it and also to see that it's not just about the store but about how we get the merchandise."

Silver gave us some tips about shopping vintage: "Don't get seduced by a brand. Sometimes you say, 'Oh God, it's Saint Laurent.' Well YSL made ugly clothes too. I would say buy the best but don't buy it just because it is the best. Make sure it's relevant. It's very easy to get seduced by labels."

Speaking of celebrity dressing, who does Cameron think is the best-dressed celeb of the moment? "Oh wow, who am I really excited about? I feel so stressed. I think there are so many stylish people. I always like Ginny Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison has been looking great. Lady Gaga is exciting because she plays with fashion. There are a lot of young girls who are breaking through, like all those girls on Revenge look really cool and fresh. I admire anyone that is not afraid to step outside the box!"

The pop-up shop, which will be up from Friday April 27th through Saturday April 26th, is the kick-off to the new vintage library of luxury brands that are currently available for rent on Rent The Runway. The ball gowns and accessories, all curated by Cameron Silver, that will be featured on the site this spring are available for rent or purchase during the two-day long pop-up shop.

Rent The Runway co-founders Jenn Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss talked to us about the Decades collaboration and working with Cameron. Hyman said, "I think Decades is really known worldwide for their expertise in vintage and we are so excited to bring 'Decades for Rent the Runway' alive on our website and to have it specially curated by Cameron Silver is just amazing. He is so fun. He is wild and crazy and super-fun at every single moment. I feel like you meet him and everyone thinks he is their BFF."

Fleiss followed, saying, "I think especially so many women come to Rent The Runway in search of celebrity style and Decades is really associated with that as well and we know that celebrities use Decades as their go-to source for everything vintage so it's an exciting way for the normal woman to be able to access that. Our website is all about having fun with fashion and Cameron is just such a good representation of that."

Hyman added, "I think part of the wonder of vintage is often you don't know what you're wearing and it's a brand that Cameron and Decades is bringing alive again and reinvigorating after years and that is part of the magic of Rent The Runway, is playing dress-up."