Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Unveiled ... Sort Of

kate middleton reveals wedding dress

Photo: Splash News

 Prince William and Kate Middleton look-alikes in their Royal Wedding garb

Royal ringer Jodie Bredo, who was hired to mimic Kate Middleton as part of a promotion for the launch of Alison Jackson’s satirical new photo book, Kate and Wills Up the Aisle, took to the streets of London on April 1 in an elegant ivory silk gown that featured fur-trimmed cap sleeves and an embellished bodice, according to the Mirror.

“The bride” accessorized with a tiara and flowing veil.

Joined by her Prince William—look-alike Simon Watkinson, who sported a red jacket with gold lapels, a blue sash, a scarlet tasseled belt, and, of course, no wedding band—the pair were ushered by horse-drawn carriage to Waterstone’s bookstore in Piccadilly, where they touted the tome and posed for photos.

Also at the celebration: two corgis and a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator, who, thumbing her nose at proper etiquette, seemingly attempted to upstage the bride by also wearing white for the occasion.

Kate and Wills Up the Aisle chronicles the meeting of Middleton’s parents as well as how their daughter came to know the future King of England.

“It charts how William and Kate met, how their romance blossomed, the proposal, and, ultimately, the marriage,” said Jackson.

Among the images that grace the pages: the royal couples’ “wedding guests” dancing in a conga line—go on with your bad self, Camilla!—and a Prince Harry clone passed out on a staircase, holding an empty bottle (did he misplace his souvenir mug?).

Following their in-store appearance, doppelgangers Bredo and Watkinson exchanged vows in a mock ceremony at St. Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, but prior to the non-nuptials, the duo calmed their pre-wedding jitters by stopping for a meal at KFC.

Somehow, we don’t think Will and Kate will be paying the Colonel a visit on April 29.

Kate and Wills Up the Aisle sells for £9.99 (about $16 U.S.) and can be purchased here.

Stay tuned to see what Kate Middleton wears for the real Royal Wedding.