Vittorio Missoni Missing in Plane Disappearance

Vittorio Missoni.

The style search party is out in full force for fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni, who has been missing since Friday.

A small BN-2 plane carrying 58-year-old Vittorio and his wife, along with friends Elda Scalvenzi and Guido Foresti, and two Venezuelan pilots, vanished from radars and disappeared off the coast of Venezuela.

As the days pass, the search for the couple gets more extensive. Bloomberg reports more than 385 people are currently scouring for signs of the aircraft.

"Our hope is that he is still alive...We want to hope, because for us it is important," said Missoni creative director and Vittorio's sister, Angela Missoni, told Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

"I think in a moment difficult like this one, any family would desire what we would like: respect for our privacy," Angela Missoni concluded.