Leather Pants Top Poll of Clothing Items Women Most Regret Buying

women embarrassed leather pants olivia palermo
Photo: Splash News
Olivia Palermo strolls in leather pants.

Regrets, we've had a few—just look inside our closet.

According to a new poll by drinks brand Lambrini, leather trousers are the clothing item women most regret buying, the Daily Mail reports.

The pants favored by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo topped the poll, with 46 percent of respondents admitted being embarrassed by their purchase because they consider them "tacky" or trying too hard.

Other embarrassing purchases?

Shell suits (37 percent)

Velour tracksuits (37 percent)

Fluorescent outfits (35 percent)

See-through tops (34 percent)

Fanny packs (33 percent)

Crop tops (30 percent)

Puffa jackets (30 percent)

Crocs (29 percent)

Thigh-high boots (28 percent)

Hot pants (24 percent)

Clogs (23 percent)

Miniskirts (18 percent)

Flared trousers (14 percent)

Ponchos (8 percent)

"It seems all of us have a few items lurking in the wardrobe that we'd be embarrassed about wearing," Lambrini brand manager Lorna Tweed tells the paper.

"Trying to copy celebrity style is often the reason for our style dilemmas and the rationale behind our dodgy purchases. Although celebs may look good in leather trousers, realistically most of us don't and should steer well away from the trend."

Is she right? Do you love your leather trousers, or are they already in the Goodwill pile?