Hermès Sari Collection

hermes saris collection
Photo: Getty Images
Hermès may have dropped a hint at things to come with saris on its Spring 2008 runway.

Though it’s a quintessentially French brand, Hermès stands for luxury all around the world—or at least, that’s what the company’s trying to project with its most recent launch.

The fashion house has launched a limited-edition line of saris in an attempt to reach the Indian market, the Associated Foreign Press reports.

"This is part of our effort to connect to India's culture and to the tradition of elegance of Indian women," Bertrand Michaud, the president of Hermès India, told AFP. "We've put all our skills into making them to pay homage to the Indian tradition.”

The saris, which are made in Paris, come in a variety of fabrics like cashmere and silk twill.

Of course, like all things Hermès, they come at a price: only 28 of the saris have been made, which will retail for 300,000 and 400,000 rupees each (that's $6,145 and $8,193, at current exchange rates).

According to the AFP, “India has more wealthy households than many European nations, including Germany and France;” no doubt Hermès is looking to tap into that market.

In addition to the collection, Hermès recently opened its Indian flagship store in Mumbai, after operating stores in New Delhi and Pune. "We want to be part of Indian life," Michaud said.

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