Reese Witherspoon Slammed by PETA Over Python Chloé Bag

reese witherspoon slammed by peta for python bag
Photo: WireImage
Reese Witherspoon with the Chloé bag.

PETA doesn't have much love for America's Sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon's recent style statement.

The bubbly blonde is under fire by the animal rights group for carrying a Chloé Paraty handbag that features python skin, the sale of which is banned in California, the Daily Mail reports.

Though the recent bride won't face any legal trouble for carrying the $3,820 bag (who would dare mess with Elle Woods?), PETA has issued a statement decyring her fashion faux pas.

"No matter how much Reese paid for that bag, the animals paid a much higher price," a spokeswoman tells the paper. "Every year, millions of snakes are impaled on hooks or nailed to trees by their heads and skinned alive.

"Hoses are inserted into the mouths of large snakes—like pythons—and their bodies are pumped full of water to loosen their skin so that it will cut away more easily. The animals' peeled, writhing bodies are then discarded, and it often takes days for the animals to die from the effects of shock and dehydration."

The organization, however, is excusing Witherspoon—who, ironically, it once named one of the World's Sexiest Vegetarians, despite her declaration that "everything is better with bacon"—from any, ahem, cruel intentions.

"We can't imagine that she'd wish to contribute to this hidden suffering, especially for something as frivolous as a fashion accessory that can be replicated with no bloodshed," the statement continues.

"These days, it's easy to have a look that kills without killing, with fake snake, mock croc, python pleather, and other designer items that pay tribute to the beauty of these animals without massacring them."

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