Marilyn Monroe’s First Photo Shoot

marilyn monroe's first photo shoot auctioned off
Photo: AP Photo/Julien's Auctions, Joseph Jasgur
A pre-platinum Marilyn Monroe in her first ever photo shoot circa 1946.

We know her as one of the biggest stars that ever lived, but back in 1946 Marilyn Monroe was simply a mousy-haired, 20-year-old budding actress by the name of Norma Jeane Dougherty, her married name at the time.

Before getting her hands on some blonde dye and a certain drafty white dress, Monroe posed for photographer Joseph Jasgur in her first ever photo shoot, and the results could be yours.

From December 2 to 4, Julien's Auctions will auction off the prints, negatives, model release forms, and (cha-ching!) copyrights to Jasgur's photos in an effort to settle his debts after a bankruptcy hearing, the Associated Press reports.

"These are probably the most significant images of Marilyn that are available because they're so early, from the first part of her career, and it's rare to have images like these where you're selling the rights, too," auction house chief Darren Julien tells the AP.

No estimated prices have been released. Still, we imagine seeing a fresh-faced, brown-haired Monroe hinting at her future bombshell status with a slick of red lipstick and a couple of pre-curves bikini shots won't come cheaply.

Too rich for your blood? You could always make do with a copy of the latest Vogue starring Michelle Williams as Monroe.

Meanwhile, Dorothy's ruby slippers are also hitting the auction block.