Jewelry: Is it just an ornament or your identity?

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, even with a paradigm shift in time this phrase still stands true. The fascination for diamonds has only sky-rocketed with time and the range is just invariably expanding, right from a heavy princess cut diamond ring to a dainty piece of jewelry — women love it all. Any why not? Women wear it for a simple pleasure which additionally also helps them establish an identity of their own.

Gifting a diamond ring is considered to be a perfect expression of your love for someone and gone are the days where men catered to a woman’s desire to wear a diamond. Women being independent and self-reliant have started buying diamonds as a gift for themselves. Wearing a piece of jewelry accentuates your personality and vibe, it is enough to make you feel confident. As beautiful and ethereal a diamond looks, its journey is a testimony of beauty in itself. From picking the diamond rock, to examining it in the lab and from there to a showroom display, the beauty of it is perfected on every step of the way. These beautiful creations have inanimate beauty that is capable of overshadowing all the flaws and that is why accessorizing appropriately becomes an art in itself.

Ornamentation also has had it’s journey starting right from the pre-medieval era to millennial times, the evolution of jewelry is one to know. Your jewelry speaks a lot about you and your identity. Living in times where trends change in a whiff, it becomes really important to keep up with what’s in! It was not so long ago that ‘Rose Gold’ came in as a variant of jewelry and became a refreshing option for everyone looking for something different from silver and gold. Whatever a woman chooses to wear, it is only to add that extra charm to the radiating personality she embodies. Jewelry is also part of heirloom and is passed down generations and some really pass the test of time and shine through all the modern designs. The way one carries these pieces is also something one should be careful about. No matter how lavish or plain these jewels are, they need to be treated with utmost care.

What’s your choice of jewelry?

Light Jewels

A daily-wear piece in your collection that is not too bold and not something too subtle. A comfortable wearable like a pendant chain or a 1 carat diamond ring can is something that can be worn without any special occasion or reason. The kind of jewelry one wears daily should not be an interruption in their routine, it should be simple and elegant. No amount of jewelry is ever enough, one should routinely keep adding up, from an everyday necklace, to a bracelet, ring, anklet and that is enough to leave an everlasting impression on people. Not just your clothes, even the jewels you adorn are a symbol of your own style and elegance.

Jewels according to a style statement or sentiment

Crossing the bounds of your comfort is not always the way to go. Your mood and style act as a catalyst to the jewelry choices you make on an occasion. Just like one’s attire for the occasion is selected after profound thought, to add that extra glam and give meaning to the outfit, women choose to accessorize accordingly. Women at times feel the need to make a statement with their outfit and jewelry hence opting for a striking piece, like a matching wristband and watch, a dainty necklace similar to your bracelet that makes your ensemble look like it’s well put together. Statement jewelry is the kind of ornament that has its own charm and will only enhance the look you opt. 

In times where you feel like wearing jewelry that holds a sense of belonging to a person in your life like your mother’s hand-me-downs, a gift from your loved one, or a piece of jewelry that simply reminds you of someone. When you decide to adorn something like that, a sentimental feeling works its magic. It is a legacy you carry forward making that particular wearable a timeless piece of jewelry.

Trendy Jewels

Anything around a layered necklace, a wrist with a stylish watch in accompaniment of stacked bracelets, a solitaire – something which is always in trend. Jewelry that is trending should invariably make it to your collection as it signifies that you are in keeping with the times you’re living in. A princess cut diamond is evergreen and hence is the preferred choice for engagement rings. Engagement can easily be one of the most memorable times of a woman’s life and to seal that with a princess cut diamond would be the ideal deal for any man.

Just diamonds!

Are you sold on even the slightest mention of diamonds? Diamonds are timeless provided, the design and type you pick is an epitome of beauty. Princess cut diamonds are common knowledge as the rage surrounding it is uncanny. When a woman was proposed to with a ‘princess cut diamond’ it would make everyone gasp in awe of it. A galore of ring options and styles with diamonds are available and to choose one can surely be a tough deal, like a cocktail ring, solitaire or any with a customised design. At the end of it all, diamonds hold an aura of their own which is not going to be obsolete until there are women who adore and adorn them with grace.

It is amazing how a diamond ring was just a rock at one point and through a series of events evolves into a priceless beautiful gem. Even after going through a gospel guide to jewelry, it is best you have a first-hand look at the ornamental jewels that will suit your taste and personality. Treating jewelry just as an ornament undermines its value, when you wear it as an expression of your personality, it becomes a worthy investment. Hold your jewels close to your heart, always!