The Most Photogenic Places In The World

If you’re a fan of the gram and appreciate the natural beauty in the world, then you’ve probably compiled a list of some of the most photogenic places in the world before. If you have, and the
following places don’t feature, then grab a pen now. If you’re yet to note down all the most fascinating and picturesque locations the world has to offer, then now is your chance.

Before you visit these places, it’s within your best interests to invest in a good quality camera – one
that you know exactly how to work prior to leaving and one that is going to help you remember your
trip in fine detail for years to come.

The City of London

For every Londoner, there’s little more photogenic than gazing out to the skyline after a long day of working hard in the city. As a city, London is expansive, diverse, happening, vibrant, and fit-to-burst with vitality and opportunity. It’s a popular city to visit just as it is to live and work in.

Some of the most popular hotspots for those brandishing cameras include Portobello Road in Notting Hill, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, as well as Jubilee Gardens and the many markets and various arcades. For more suggestions in the city of London, use to help enlighten you and brighten the way.

Guilin, China

Either side of the Li River are huge pillaring structures that rise dizzyingly high into the sky. Guilin welcomes travelers from all over the world. However, it enjoys a peace and tranquillity that makes it
an extremely alluring place to return to.

Old Bagan, Burma

You will likely have seen photos taken in Old Bagan many times before. It’s widely recognized as the place with tens of red-bricked temples and pagodas outstretched into the distance and emerging from the morning mist.

It’s a hugely popular destination for those who wish to ascend in a hot air balloon as the sun begins to rise and warm up the sands of Old Bagan. Visitors can be seen climbing onto these ancient temples in order to reach the best vantage points to oversee both the sunrise and the sunset in this magical place.


Canyons instill a sense of wonder in many, as they’re such wonders of the world. Their undulating shapes are bizarre, beautiful, and raw, and the sheer expanse of them is enough to make even the most seasoned traveler feel a little lost for words.

Arizona is a mountain state and neighbors the likes of red sanded areas such as those in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and California. One of the most archetypal images of Western America is the long straight road leading into the mountainous distance, and it’s here that you’ll find such a setting.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are composed of some of the UK’s most striking landscapes and dramatic mountain ranges. These create low-lowing valleys that have the ability to make you feel like a small insignificant speck – a very sobering experience to say the least.