Krysten Ritter & Dreama Walker on Bad Roommates, New York City, and 'Breaking Bad'

Krysten Ritter Dreama Walker

Photo: David X Prutting at BFA

Krysten Ritter (left) and Dreama Walker (right) in Alice + Olivia

New Yorkers have perfected the art of fusing complaining and boasting, and no facet of city life inspires more over-the-top bragging than the terrible roommate anecdote. That's why the entire room at Alice + Olivia's screening of Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 at the Tribeca Grand Hotel was in stitches. That and Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker's new show is genuinely hilarious. Regardless of your address, allot some space on the DVR for the new ABC comedy premiering tonight.

The show follows Breaking Bad's Ritter as the titular, ahem, problematic resident Chloe, who cycles through roommates, scheming to get their money—to buy, say, an Alexander McQueen clutch—and then drive them out. Walker, formerly of The Good Wife and one of Blair Waldorf's minions on Gossip Girl, plays the latest victim of Chloe's con game, as the naïve June, newly arrived in New York for her dream job only to see everything fall apart. Also in the mix is James Van Der Beek. Quell your teenage screams, ladies: no sign of sensitive Dawson Leery here, just an exaggerated version of the actor as himself fending off questions about Pacey Witter and dabbling in a little Varsity Blues role play.

Surely you've deduced by now what those hyphens are hiding, but we can attest Ritter's 'B' is just a character. After catching the first two episodes, we spoke with the two costars, clad in Alice + Olivia, about punishing roommates with rancid food, staying stylish on the road, and of course, our favorite AMC meth drama, Breaking Bad. And for the record, if either lady needs to split the rent, we have a semi-clean couch and we love dogs.

Krysten, what makes you a really bad roommate?
In real life, nothing! I'm such a wonderful roommate! I'm a vagabond. I don't stay in one place longer than three months so I'm not a bad roommate.

You're in overdrive these days: promoting the show, the movie L!fe Happens with Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson, and Vamps with, give us a minute, Matthew Crawley. How do you make sure you're put together and don't look like a mess?

I have a great glam team. My best friends are my stylist and my makeup artist. I guess without them, I would be dead by the side of the road. But also Stacey Bendet dresses me quite a bit.

Given how things wrapped up for you on Breaking Bad, is there any chance you'll be back?
I'm hoping, fingers crossed. There has been a little bit of talk. It's possible. You never know for sure because you never know with that show. My fingers are crossed; I would love to. It's been such an amazing change in my career from that show and it changed my life and I hope so.

So who's the worse roommate: Don't Trust the B's Chloe or Breaking Bad's drug addict Jane?
That's a really tough question. They're both so crazy in their own way. I think the B in apartment 23 is probably a worse roommate to live with.

Dreama, do you have any roommate horror stories of your own?
I actually haven't. I'm so lucky. I have a very colorful friend who got mad at his roommate and cut a hole in his mattress and put Chinese food in it and patched it up and left the mattress there. The friend was like 'the room smells terrible' and got it professionally cleaned and was like 'I've got to move out. There is something in my room…." So no, I've never had anyone like that in my life.

Thankfully! What makes you a bad roommate?
There's actually probably a lot of things. I sing in the shower really loud. I don't cook at all—that's probably good for some people. I'm not helpful at all. This is a good question! I haven't been asked this before. I have two dogs and sometimes they have a mind of their own and they pee on the bathmat.

So much happens in the first two episodes. We can't believe June doesn't move out. It can only escalate from here. What's next for the pair?
Chloe never softens up. Just when you think she's going to, she doesn't. June kind of learns her way to meander around things a little bit better so yeah, the whole thing evolves, and it's not what you think it's going to be, but it is still hilarious.

Do you relate to June in moving to New York?
You get here—the stars are in your eyes: "This is the easiest city and it's going to be so great!" But it's so hard to live here and you just feel like you're drowning and trying to keep your head above water. I definitely went through stages of just feeling like like "Oh my God, I have to leave, I have to go home." I got my ass kicked by New York, but at the end of the day it's the most amazing city in the world.