Hermès Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: Hermes S/S 2013

THEME: When leather met floral

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: It was hard to find a through-line at this season’s Hermes show. The venerable French design house showed everything from a menswear-style suit to bright Hawaiian-esque patterns to a green crocodile print loose-fitting shorts and shirt set that almost looked like surgical scrubs. Many of the pieces had a utilitarian feel, with plenty of straps and cargo-style pockets on shorts and trenches, plus a heavy emphasis on outerwear.

But the utilitarian vibe didn’t agree with the color-blocked cocktail dress or the powder-blue micromini paired with enormous cuffs, or with the heels that every model was wearing.

The predominant fabric of the show was leather, which showed up in every incarnation from dresses to suspenders to handbags. Perhaps the show was a story about what happened, fashion-wise, when a group of explorers in their working clothes washed up on an island where everybody wore rich colors and patterns, but the culture clash just didn’t quite work.