Tsumori Chisato Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: Tsumori Chisato, Spring 2013

THEME: Georgio O'Keefe on an acid trip

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: There’s something for everyone in this show, but that didn’t mean that the pieces were accessible or the kind of thing you could pick up at the Gap. There were mini and maxi dresses, shorts and pants, and so much color that everything matched even when it didn’t.

O’Keeffe’s Southwestern color palette did creep in on some of the more streamlined looks, such as a gorgeous printed silk maxi skirt with Native American-esque detailing at the bottom and a ruched dress made of the colors of a Santa Fe sunset.

On their own, many of the pieces were wearable, like a pair of black polka-dotted leggings or a flippy teal miniskirt, but it’ll be hard to pull the complete looks off even if you’re a supermodel.

In Tsumori Chisato’s world, there are no rules. Her RTW collection feels like she created three separate shows and threw them all together in a blender to make one big mosaic of a show. There was a whole lot of everything: bright colors! Textures! Capes! Shorts! Raincoats! Patterns! O’Keeffe-esque animal skulls!

The show was a lot of things, but it sure wasn’t boring.