Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 RTW


PRESENTATION: Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 RTW

THEME: Camp, contemporary Hayley Mills-style

HAIR: Jenny Balding for Cutler

MAKEUP: Keri Blair for MAC

NAILS: Candice Manacchio for CND

ACCESSORIES: visors by Tracey Watts for Rachel Antonoff, shoes by Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: As much as we anticipated checking out Rachel Antonoff’s new pieces for Spring (is there a fan club? We’ll pay dues!), we were equally excited to check out the venue and crowd. This is the same designer who threw a prom, and she has great taste in tunes, so how would she top herself this time? Besides, she hangs with a funny crowd: comedian Jenny Slate, Lena Dunham, sporting a new cropped ’do, and writer Sloane Crosley were all accounted for at today’s presentation. Appropriate, because Antonoff works with a great-sized sense of humor, no more evident than the camp-inspired theme. Think: Parent Trap, Hayley Mills not Lindsey Lohan (although that version has merit to spare.)

Fans of Antonoff’s kitschy line bobbed through a maze of fake shrubbery and astroturf where models played badminton (we witnessed no errant birdie-caused injuries), lounged with picnic baskets, and nibbled on bright green wedding cake, topped with two bride figurines. One model, clad in a topographically-inspired aerial print etched into a tree (fake or not? We didn’t test the veracity of the wood, sorry), and another mimed netting butterflies. As always, we’ve made our wish list of every shoe, her collaboration with Bass Loves RA, this time with more plastic cut-out oxfords and jelly sandals, and especially noted the seersucker dresses and black-and-white pieces.

Even if her clothes aren't your personal preference, you can't say she's not persistent with a theme. Once the maze cleared, guests were treated to pink lemonade and sandwiches in the presentation's dining hall setup.

So Rachel? Let’s get—your clothes and our closets—together. Yeah, yeah, yeah.