Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: Kimberly Ovitz, Spring 2013

THEME: Nomadic warrior women as muses, reinterpreting and restructuring mythology

HAIR: Aveda

MAKEUP: MAC Cosmetics

ACCESSORIES: Minimal at best, matte silver arm bands and chokers; nothing to take away from her unfussy looks

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: No leisurely trips to the museum or early mornings perusing at the flea markets for Ovitz to reap inspiration. Hers was a bit more cerebral, shall we say, than the usual color theories designers gush over. Know of Almagul Menlibayeva? (That's alright; we didn't either). Ovitz provided extensive, thorough liner notes (the distilled gist: “You can create your own mythology,” she writes about their shared idea) to explain how the Kazakhstani performance artist's beliefs translated into her collection. We'll save a further exposition, but Ovitz was all about reinterpreting her own mythology.

Barefoot models walked the clay runway in neutral tones, save for a few vibrantly hued teals, in twisted, textured fabric that suggests ease of effort and comfort. The designer mentioned the Spring 2013 looks were inspired by a warrior muse who “identifies more with a wild horse,” and the hair was an obvious signifier of her equine leanings. Slick hair swept into a low messy braid complemented the nomadic feel, unfussy and nonchalant.

FRONT ROW: Leandra Medine, Cory Kennedy, Eva Chen, Linda Fargo