3 Simple Style Hacks for Men

Have you ever come across the type of guy who looks just as put-together and presentable as he does, effortless and easy-going? Such gentlemen must just roll out of bed, grab the first thing they see in their closet, and simply carry on with the plan of the day. Even though having an effortless-looking sense of style isn’t very complicated or time-consuming, it does actually take a bit of effort. 

Essentially, just because a particular outfit doesn’t look like it took a lot of effort to put together, it likely did take some thought and preparation. The good news is that you can adopt such a style yourself with just a bit of work upfront. With the right approach, you can easily become one of those guys who looks effortlessly stylish yourself.

Here are three simple style hacks to help you to become the effortlessly stylish gent that you aspire to be.

1. Choose Timeless Pieces 

The first thing to look for when you are trying to be effortlessly stylish is a few timeless pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. These are the sort of pieces that never seem to go out of style, and that can complete any outfit.

For instance, a properly fitted t-shirt is a classic piece for any man’s wardrobe. These aren’t the t-shirts that are oversized and designed solely for comfort. Rather, look for shirts that suit your body type and provide a bit of structure and shape to your look.

Furthermore, you can make a great deal of progress with your sense of style by choosing timeless styles for your shoes. Cowboy boots, loafers, and quality casual shoes can all be incorporated into your effortless yet stylin’ look.

2. Know When to Wear Activewear 

Many guys fall into the trap of wearing pieces that are in the category of activewear even when it isn’t actually appropriate to do so. They will opt for sweatpants and sports tops no matter what they have going on for the day. 

The times that you wear activewear should be limited to working out, lounging around the house, or maybe if you have to run out quickly for a last-minute errand or two – after the gym, of course. If you truly want to be effortlessly stylish, don’t go overboard on sportswear.

3. Comfort Isn’t the Only Priority

Another mistake that many men make when it comes to fashion is to prioritize comfort above all else. While you want to be comfortable in your clothes, by only focusing on this aspect of your look, you can overcorrect in a way. You can end up accidentally looking like you are in loungewear or pajamas all the time.

While you don’t need to get dressed up every day, it is important to get dressed. Choose outfits that are comfortable and are also structured, and fashionable. This is one of the most important points to bear in mind as you look to become an effortlessly stylish dude.