Biggest Lingerie Myths Busted

Bras are a wardrobe necessity for almost all women, yet because we get a lot of information from friends and family, it’s not always correct. There are so many reasons for confusion too. Sizes are not standardized, many styles offer different functionality, and it can be intimidating to go for an in-person fitting. The result is that a lot of women spend their days in the wrong size bra, uncomfortable, lacking support, and not having the shape that they really want. Below are some of the most common misconceptions and what you need to really know about creating a great lingerie wardrobe.

MYTH: Every bra marked with a specific size fits the same way

Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing when it comes to bras. The only way to find out your correct size is to use a measuring tape and take the time to try on several brands and sizes. If you are able to, make an appointment at your local lingerie shop or department store with a bra fitter. Often there are lingerie trunk shows and a representative from a brand will be on site to fit you and help select a size and style that suits you best.

If you are not comfortable with going to someone in person, buy several brands and sizes online and try everything on at home. Just be sure to understand the return policy so that you don’t get stuck with items that you can’t use. Many online lingerie shops have a chat where you can tell the person what style you are looking for and what size you think you are. They can get you started in terms of recommendations.

MYTH: Women who wear a larger cup size must wear an underwire bra

According to Dora Lau, founder and CEO of Dora L International, a global sourcing and design company, “A lot of work is done by the wire in a bra, but you can still achieve a similar level of support with a wire free bra. There’s a myth that a no wire bra will flatten the chest, but new styles take the best of bralettes, sports bras, and manufacturing technologies to create a bra that offers shape and support for women with a larger cup.”

Lau says that the secret to a supportive wire free bra is a foam pad inside the cup. It offers support and comfort and a push up effect. When trying on a bra, keep in mind that the wing is the most important part of the bra and actually anchors the bra.

MYTH: A bra is either pretty or comfortable. You can’t have both

At the start of the pandemic, sales of bralettes skyrocketed. It was the fastest growing segment of the bra industry as women wanted comfort over shape and support. Now that women are headed back into the office and are getting used to going out again, a new category of bras has emerged that brings the best of comfort, fashion, function, and support. The All-Day bra uses soft fabrics and focuses on comfort, while taking note of pretty colors and technology that offers support. The idea is that when we are working from home, you can wear one bra for working, practicing yoga, walking the dog, and then going out.