If you like Exclusive, look for these Luxurious Fabrics

Some of the most exclusive fabrics in the world are rarely seen on the market, unless you go to high-end boutiques that are specialized in certain items. Therefore, if you have not heard of Shahtoosh, Guanaco or Vicuña wool don’t worry, most of our readers probably haven’t either. Here are some of the most expensive fabrics produced in the world today.


This is obviously one of the most expensive materials that can be used to make clothes. It is still quite prestigious to wear a fur such as an astrakhan coat. Most of all, it keeps you warm no matter how cold it can get. The most prestigious one is no doubt the leopard fur. A single meter will cost a designer about $8,000 USD. It is easy to understand why the price of a jacket can get so expensive, when you know the cost of the material itself. It is a luxury item that only a few can really afford.


There are different varieties of cashmere. Most of them can be considered luxury fabrics, but the highest level has to be baby cashmere. It is produced in Mongolia and Northern China by using the under fleece of Hircus baby goats. You understand the value of the cashmere once you know that you can only extract 80 grams of fiber per goat. And once you are done preparing it, you are left with 30 to 40 usable grams. However, the end-product is 20% softer than regular cashmere. To make it more affordable, designers often mix wool with cashmere in their pieces of clothing.


This fiber is extracted from deer and is about as soft as cashmere. Just like in the case of baby goats, in the previous paragraph, there is a limit that you can extract on each deer. And it is even lower than on the baby goat, with just 20 grams available. It comes from one country only, which is New Zealand. To get an idea of its value, a pair of socks that were sold in Harry’s of London in 2014 would have cost you the very small sum of $1,500…

Vicuña Wool

We could not end this article without mentioning the most luxurious fabric of them all. Vicuña wool is also known as the fiber of God. It is the most expensive wool that you will ever find, anywhere in the world. It comes from sheep living in Central Andes, that are shorn only once every three years. A Vicuña suit will cost you in the range of $50,000.