What Are the Different Types of Rubber for Watch Straps?

There has been a recent surge of revolution in the manufacturing of materials over the past half-century. It means that there is a large selection of high-performance, high-quality synthetic rubber straps.

There has been a recent surge of revolution in the manufacturing of materials over the past half-century. It means that there is a large selection of high-performance, high-quality synthetic rubber straps. You can also find stylish watch rubber straps that you can wear the next time you go diving.

Even though rubber straps feature so prominently, they are not necessarily for water events only. There was a turning point where Breitling rubber straps are now luxury accessories. You can now find metal and rubber hybrid straps and designs for luxury timepieces.

The following are the types of rubber you can use for your timepiece.

Natural Rubber

It has been a progressive journey, and from history, the early forms of natural rubber had some flaws and never performed as expected. Today, the use of vulcanized nitrile rubber is widespread for top-performance applications.

However, the performance of all forms of rubber is not solely dependent on the type. It is also critical that the processing and specific formulation by manufacturers is of the highest standards.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone is a rubber-like material famous for its use as a watch strap. However, it seems to be gaining less favor as a high-quality and top-performance watch strap. The benefit of using silicon rubber as a watch strap is because you can shape and color quickly.

But silicon watch straps also tend to be sticky and have a reputation of tearing and attracting lint.

PVC Rubber

Unlike most rubber polymers, PVC is shinier. Compared to PU rubber, it is a durable thermoplastic vinyl. However, it does not suffice for use as a high-end watch strap accessory.

In this respect, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is more appealing and attractive.

Polyurethane Rubber

PU rubber is a rubber polymer that has elastic properties called elastomer. It comprises units of organic chains held together by urethane links. It makes it highly functional and durable. But sometimes, people report discomfort compared to natural rubber.

Other Rubber Polymers

As the years continue to pile, other synthetic rubber properties are getting produced. The use of petrochemical bases that include neoprene and isoprene commands a specialist following. Interestingly, the isoprene commands a reputation and a massive price difference compared to a high-quality vulcanized rubber strap.

The Benefits of Buying Rubber Watch Straps

Before analyzing the benefits, we should restate that from all the rubber types listed; various elements determine the watch straps' comfort, performance, and durability. These include additives, usage, composition, time, personal preference, and exposure to elements.

Rubber watch straps are firmly placed as luxury accessories and a must-have for people looking for an exotic watch band.

The following is a summary of all the characteristics you need for a rubber watch strap to make it ideal for general use, sports, diving, and a luxury watch.

●   Durability is what every watch owner wants for their watch straps.

●   It would be best if you considered a waterproof watch strap suitable for both salt and fresh water for people who like diving.

●   Look for a rubber watch strap that is resistant to UVA radiation. Resistance to UVA radiation.

●   The advantage of rubber watch straps is that they are available in various textures and colors.

●   One feature you should take extra care of is to select a non-toxic and non-allergic rubber watch strap.

●   All rubber polymers are easy to clean. It is an appealing feature that makes them the best rubber watch straps.

●   Rubber Watch straps are safe to wear around appliances with electric properties because they bear no electrical conductivity.

●   Rubber watch straps are unisex. There is no differentiation between male and female rubber watch straps.

●   Rubber watch straps are fitting and have broad adjustability to guarantee comfort.

●   Rubber watch straps are supple and expand quickly.

●   Suppleness and expandability.

●   Most are low cost and easily replaceable if they get damaged or lost.

●   They are comfortable because they weigh less compared to steel watch bracelets.

●   Rubber watch straps are stylish and come in plenty of color variations.

●   Scratch-resistant

What Is the Best Rubber Watch Strap for Me?

As ever, when it comes to watches, you will have to choose from a pool of different types of watch straps. There are lots of variations to consider, and all dwell on your personal preference. Whether you prefer NBR rubber watch straps over PU rubber is a personal choice.

There are many uses for silicone rubber watch straps that include leisure use for colorful, cheerful, and cheap occasions. Professional sea divers will opt for durable, comfortable wear suitable for prolonged wear.

How to Care for Rubber Watch Straps

Rubber watch straps can acquire dirt when you regularly wear them as they continuously rub on your skin. You can make them clean by using soap to remove all dirt and debris. You should wash with mild soap immediately when you expose your watch straps to chlorine, sweat, and saltwater elements.

After rinsing or cleaning your watch straps, always wait for them to air dry completely. Avoid exposing your watch straps to elements that dry it out, like alcohol and perfume.

Rubber straps do not have a longer lifespan compared to other types of watch straps. Therefore, you should be ready to replace them within 18 to 24 months.

Most of the best suppliers of rubber watch straps are microbands that sell through various online watch strap vendors. It is easy to find watch sellers that are enthusiastic about selling you high-quality watch straps. They have an in-depth opinion that they willingly share to guide you to the best watch straps as they wear them every day for many years.

For new watch straps or replacements, you can trust a specialist to help you choose the best rubber watch strap for your collection. Alternatively, you can select your next rubber watch strap based on the upcoming event in your life. It might be colorful or functional. Remember to care for your rubber watch strap and avoid exposing it to elements that deteriorate its properties.