5 Ways To Look Good On a Budget

It’s nearly payday and you have almost run out of money, but you want to go out. While the sensible idea would be to stay in and postpone that night out for another time, sometimes you are just in desperate need of a night to let your hair down after a tough week at work. Or maybe you have been invited last minute to an occasion you don’t want to miss. Here are some tips on how to save money and still go out looking great.

Build On Basics

Instead of buying brand new outfits every time you go out and then never wearing it again, work with what you already have. Build on an oversized old t-shirt and stylise it with a nice belt and high heels. Refashioning clothes is also a great and cost-effective way of creating new outfit ideas without spending a penny. You don’t need to be particularly creative or own special sewing equipment in order to spice up your old clothes. Most methods involve simple techniques like cutting tassels into a t-shirt or tying the long sleeves from a top around your waist in order to make a skirt. Try to find a tutorial video on refashioning something in your wardrobe to get started.

Be Mindful When Shopping

Try to shop more during the end of season sales and consider more charity shops. These tend to be a lot cheaper and are just as stylish. If you decide to go shopping and payday is around the corner so you can pay it back fast, you may want to consider applying for payday loans. This is also a great way of getting approved for a loan regardless of a bad credit score, and as you can apply for short-term borrowing, it means you can pay it straight back after you get paid from work.

Different elements of the clothes such as colour, pattern and texture, can have an effect on your budget, so keep this in mind when choosing what to put in your basket. Look out for neutral and darker tones as these tend to coordinate with more pieces, and therefore will benefit your pocket in the long run as you can wear them a lot more frequently.

Accessorise Your Outfit

Adding accessories to your outfit can help make it look more classy and expensive, whilst still remaining affordable. Accessories are what tie an outfit together, and they can be what makes a simple and pain outfit seem a lot more fashionable and appealing. Now that there are so many DIY methods and tutorials available at our fingertips, adding accessories has never been cheaper. Have a look at how to make a fashionable bag for beginners, saving you the hassle of spending money whilst allowing you to make your outfit more personable.

Use Makeup More Effectively

A good way to save money on makeup is to use certain products for more than one thing, making it more effective and efficient. Use eyeshadow on your lips to create more colours and tones - you can therefore avoid splashing out on expensive lipstick unnecessarily. Take a look at these tips on how to be more cost-effective with makeup in order to avoid buying new products.

Invest less in your outfits and try new alternatives in order to stray away from bad habits and making poor decisions on money spending. Keep an open mind to trying new things and you will eventually learn how to look good for less.