A Couple of Ethnic Chicks Talking Fashion: Cheers, Carolina!

Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 runway

Hello again from Starbucks, just two ethnic chicks talking about fashion. We had such a good time discussing Badgley Mischka that we thought we’d dig deep into our memories of Valentine's Day and tell you about Carolina—Herrera, that is.

Susan: The theme of the show seemed to be “Ladies, put your clothes back on and your ‘girls’ away.” It was a relief when we are all being asked to look like refugees from a pole-dancing contest. Shall we talk about the hair?

Bettina: No! Had there been room at the Tresemmé pop-up salon, we may have been more concerned. They didn’t care about our frizz, why should we care about theirs?

Susan: Fair point. I loved this collection, especially the flannel wing skirt and the sexy yet comme il faut day dresses.

Bettina: I personally loved the evening dresses—one in particular that I could have in my closet and take out for decades to come, it was elegant with just the right amount of zhoosh.

Susan: How does one spell “zhoosh”? Is it in the OED?

Bettina: I’ve tried to get away with it on a Scrabble board and it’s never worked for me.

Susan: But we digress.

Bettina: I also loved number two, and it was the “What Lindsay Lohan Should Wear in Court Next” dress.

Susan: Yes, it had “redemption” and “acquittal” written all over it. And I loved the way it accentuated the waist. I also was mad for the cowls and the doublet gloves. Severe sexiness.

Bettina: Hot, hot, hot. But even hotter was the “Make an Exit When You Break Up” dress—number 41, the black liquid jacquard gown.

Susan: Exquisite draping.

Our Salahi Special: Drum roll, please: number 31, the amethyst, cocoa and bone flocked embroidered gown.

And once again, the divine Ms. Herrera, who cut an elegant figure in her black slacks and Prince Dimitri leather and precious-stone lanyard bracelets, wins the Ethnic Chicks Diversity Award for her rainbow coalition of models.

See you later, when we come to you semi-live with a report on Dennis Basso.

Photos: The aforementioned looks on Carolina Herrera's Fall 2011 runway.