Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2012

Breaking fashion news: Ferragamo did its first ever Pre-Fall collection this season. And it was gorgeous. Think luxe Hitchcock heroines on a train with chic capes, wide-brimmed hats, and skin. Lots of skin. 

I'm not talking about showing skin, I mean luxe skins. Croc, ostrich, buttery leather. The bags were pure heaven: croc train cases. Yes, actual train cases. Who wouldn’t enjoy traveling with chic luggage like this? Now if only I could figure out how to carry one as a purse and get away with it. 

The clothes were gorgeously cut (expected, it's Ferragamo), with patterned dresses, croc skirts, argyle sweater sets (with patches of croc), a croc dress,  and my favorite, capes.  Everything was in sumptuous colors—emerald green, aubergine, scarlet, a gorgeous brown suede. These are clothes that look and feel expensive. After all, what's the point of buying designer clothes if they look cheap?

Now then, I'm going to ponder how I'd look in a green cape, with a red train case and matching chapeau.

Photos: Offerings from Ferragamo's Pre-Fall 2012 collection