Market Watch: Piazza Sempione Capsule Collection

Piazza Sempione

I've been a fan of Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for years. From their eponymous label (Aquilano.Rimondi) and 6267 to seeing what they did at Ferré, I was glad to see them land at Piazza Sempione. Though it's a capsule collection (for the 20th anniversary) and not the main line for spring, the duo's fit with the brand is good. It works. And I was, of course, thrilled to be able to see the clothes in person. Milan is a far ways to travel, after all.

The clothes are expertly tailored (a strong suit with the designers), clean, and modern. Embellishments were kept to a minimum, though there was a paillette-covered dress that I went gaga for. A loose silhouette that shimmers is just what the season calls for!

The pleating was exquisite, on skirts, dresses and blouses. It's a trend, ladies, so start figuring out how to wear it best now. The floral prints were also quite spectacular.

Judging by the collection, it would appear that the boys have finally found a home.

Photos: Offerings from Piazza Sempione's capsule collection