Market Watch: Dana-Maxx

Dana Maxx Spring 2012

There are things I spout off about fashion that I firmly believe in. Like: Invest in accessories if you don’t have a lot of money. They won't remember the rest of your outfit, but they'll always remember a killer bag or shoes. (It's true.) The other? Pencil skirts look good on everyone. Round, skinny, tall, or short, get yourself some sexy skirts ladies. I myself have at least five or six of them!

Dana-Maxx—who you may know from Joe Zee's All On the Line—held her press preview on October 13. I checked out her Spring 2012 collection and whatever advice the amazing Mr. Zee gave her has apparently worked. The pieces—all locally made in New York's Garment District—have wonderful architectural details: cutouts, back zippers that run the length of a skirt, an interesting pleat. It all makes for clothing that is flattering. If you think a bright, bold color won't work on your body type, I urge you to reconsider. Yes, me, the queen of the night is telling you that no matter what size or shape you are, vivid hues like Dana's will work, especially with the details she has in place. It's all about rocking what your mama gave you.

My favorite outfit was a black blouse with sheer sleeves (notice the tiny cutouts) and the red and black pencil skirt. Together, they make for one perfect date outfit. Price-wise, the items are in the $350 or less range.

Dana-Maxx's spring collection will hit retail starting in January. For a list of stores, check out her Web site.

Photos: Offerings from Dana Maxx's Spring 2012 collection.