Market Watch: Tracy Reese and Plenty by Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese Spring 2012

One of my big laments this Fashion Week was that my schedule was too packed. I know, what a complaint! But that meant I couldn't go see some of the shows that are guaranteed to be good, like Tracy Reese. Those who know me probably wouldn't think of me as a Tracy Reese gal. But if you really look at the clothes, most of us are Tracy Reese gals.

I headed to the showroom to peek at the Spring '12 line of both Tracy Reese and Plenty by Tracy Reese. These are not only the clothes you want to wear whilst on the beach, lounging, but they're also amazingly chic city wear. Who doesn't want that in their closet?

I'll admit the colors were bright for me personally but they're so fun for spring. One paneled dress with alternating sheer and crochet pieces is just the look for a beach wedding. My personal favorite was a graphic floral pencil skirt. You just cannot go wrong in a killer pencil! And then there are the heels. The black and white platform shoes (which will only be sold at Tracy Reese stores) were breathtaking.

Tracy Reese Spring 2012

The Plenty line was chock full of bold colors and looser silhouettes. We're nearing caftan territory here, and we all know how I love a good caftan. My dream in life is to wear voluminous dresses, eat what I want, and not have a care in the world. Is that so wrong? I think the Plenty line just may let me do that.

Both lines have rolling deliveries starting in January.

Photos: Looks from the Tracy Reese Spring 2012 collection