Market Watch: Safilo Sunglasses

Balenciaga sunglasses

If you wear designer shades, chances are Safilo made them. So of course I was thrilled to head to their preview today. Play with hundreds of frames? Yes, please!

For those of us whose taste in sunglasses was formed by Bollywood starlets—the larger the frames, the better—the upcoming season of specs is heaven. Big, bold glasses in bright colors will be making the rounds shortly.  

If you're thinking, How very retro, you're not wrong: The '70s and '80s were represented, from candy hues to the requisite aviators and disco dolly–worthy shapes. Dior went farther back with cat-eyes in a slew of colors with metallic lenses.

Out of the bunch there were some choice standouts. Balenciaga's Havana style in Blue and Burgundy ($325) are not for shrinking violets. Goes without saying that I plan to wear them on Memorial Day. The only question is—blue or red?

Marc Jacobs sunglasses

The Marc Jacobs Havana—we sense a theme here—are gloriously thick-framed glasses with a fun shape ($350). Quirky—naturally—but somehow still sexy. In other words, these are Marc Jacobs.

The Marc Jacobs frames are available at Marc Jacobs boutiques starting in May; the Balenciaga sunglasses are available at Solstice Sunglass Boutiques now.

Photos: Balenciaga (top) and Marc Jacobs (bottom)