Introducing Phylia de M. Haircare

Phylia de M.'s product line

I spend entirely too much time thinking about my hair. What if I bleached it? Hacked it off like Debbie Harry in Blondie's "Rapture" video? Dyed it red?

All talk and no action though: a messy topknot is the extent of my follicular wheelhouse, in spite of my unending rumination. I blame it on my first 17 years being trapped (completely willingly) in a too-short cut. I've tried desperately in vain to grow it out since then but get lazy and keep creeping back to an inch off here and there, mustering up the confidence to get a 'do that will somehow be completely different than my middle school Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail-inspired crop.

But for now: I'm fully committed to tacking on a few more inches to at least just see if I can pull off the mermaid locks. I suspect I can't but I won't know until enough Biotin works its way through my system and I stay firm in my appointments to get "just a trim." And I'm incredibly optimistic that Phylia de M., a new haircare line out of Los Angeles, is just the antidote to my wavering reserve.

Kazu Namise and Kidada Jones (sister to Rashida) developed the 3-piece holistic product line, "Clean" (shampoo), "Condition" (cream rinse) and "Connect" (rejuvenating spray), using a combination of aloe, ancient Aztec and Mayan herbs, tannic and fulvic acids. The ladies' reasoning? "Healthy follicles result in luscious locks."

Kazu Namise and Kidada Jones

The two were inspired by Japanese oncologist (and Namise's godfather) Dr. Dick Miyayama's theory that losing hair can be reversed. Too-wispy strands aren't genetic destiny but in fact stress-related.

"Both of us struggled with thin hair that was getting worse, and causing a generally limp and lifeless hairstyle," Namise and Jones tell FashionEtc. "We both keep our look pretty natural but do splurge on fun hair treatments once in a while, which would completely destroy our hair," they admit. The two have used Phylia de M.'s formula for a combined 19 years with major success: "We found that these formulas kept our hair growing thick, and prevented damage when we opted for salon processes."

I've been using the products for about ten days now, and while I'd love to report that I'm mere moments away from becoming my childhood idol, Crystal Gayle, let's not get hasty. I can attest that my hair feels healthier after washing and just as clean after an intense workout, even without the additives of your run-of-the-mill drugstore products. It might be wishful thinking but I am noticing a little more baby wisps in some previously too-thin spots. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody! In the meantime, visit Phylia de M.'s site for purchasing information.