Bettina's Take: Giorgio Armani Boutique and the MCNY Winter Ball

Giorgio Armani fans, rejoice! The Madison Avenue boutique has reopened, and it's better than ever. The revamped store boasts four floors of gorgeous clothing and accessories for men and women, exquisitely lit against a backdrop of cream colored walls (flattering) and touches of gray fabric with a bamboo motif.

Spacious dressing rooms and well-designed cabinetry and niches are perfect showcases for Armani's clean and elegant day and evening wear, and for the '30's inspired jeweled sting ray evening bags - heaven!

Armani President and CEO Graziano De Boni greeted the press first thing in the morning, and we all got a good look at the new space. "You are coming tonight, aren't you?", he asked FashionEtc, referring to the cocktail in honor of the Museum of the City of New York.

How could we refuse Graziano, the indefatigable Mark Gilbertson, and a chance to see the new boutique at night? To say nothing of catching up with Sarah Ayres, Vicky Ward, Dennis Basso and Michael Comminotto, Nina Griscom, Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson, and many others who came to kickoff the museum's annual Winter Ball.

Glamorous people in a glamorous setting, all for a good cause.

Photo: Glenn Close and Graziano de Boni