Bettina's Take: Dennis Basso Fall 2012

A white quilted Russian broadtail with natural lynx belly coat, doesn't that sound dreamy? Dennis Basso's entire Fall 2102 collection was the stuff dreams are made of.

The theme of the collection was Mystery on the Orient Express, and everything from the fur and python totes, to the Swarovski beaded gowns, to the simple cashmere dresses said luxury.

The front row was a who's who of Dennis loyalists, such as Ashley McDermott, Nicole Miller, Marcia Mishaan, Dayssi Kanavos, Shafi Roepers and Marisa Brown. There were red chocolate hearts on every seat in honor of Valentine's Day. Dennis, we love you too!

Basso's palette included solids in basic colors such as taupe, black, white, navy and gray, with cayenne mixed in from time to time for a pop of color. There were a couple of Oscar-worthy red carpet dresses, but the furs were the real standouts. It was especially exciting to see a white ermine coat, a fur that, for centuries, was a status symbol reserved for royalty and statesmen; now it's available for whoever has the taste, and the cash, to pick one up at the Dennis Basso store.

Photo: Looks from Dennis Basso's Fall 2012 runway