Around Town: Emma Stone, Justin Timberlake and More at the Friends With Benefits Premiere

Emma Stone, Mila Kunis

Emma Stone is definitely having a moment. The actress appeared on Vanity Fair’s August cover, and has three big movies out this summer. And this week, the 22-year-old worked the red carpet—and designer dresses—at the premieres of two of those flicks.

At Monday’s Friends With Benefits premiere, Stone rocked a red and pink Giambattista Valli, and went with black Tom Ford for Crazy, Stupid, Love on Tuesday. She says it’s been fun choosing red carpet looks for all her promotional activities, and revealed her secret weapon: “I have an incredible stylist named Petra Flannery, she just kills it. So it’s all her,” Stone said.

Her movie The Help is out next month, and Stone is trying to remain grounded amidst all the hoopla. “I’m just trying to remind myself to stay in the moment, and hang out with my family and friends a lot, which is really nice and really helps,” she said, adding that she brought her family along to the premieres. “This [red carpet glamour] is all a lot of fun, but at the end of the day I get to hang out with my family and friends, so that makes me pretty happy.”

Another perk for the budding star: In both of these romantic comedies she gets to work with some very handsome leading men. Justin Timberlake stars in FWB and Stone plays Ryan Gosling’s love interest in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Justin Timberlake

What was it like shooting love scenes with Gosling and his famous abs? “He’s everything you would think he would be,” Stone said with a shrug. “He’s Canadian, he’s dapper,” she quipped.

Her co-stars at the Axe-sponsored FWB premiere were equally fashion conscious. Mila Kunis stunned in red Lanvin and Timberlake sported a Simon Spurr suit. One “benefit” of seeing that movie is the chance to see JT in, uh, considerably less clothing. “We wanted the movie to be real and funny at the same time, and you know, a boy running around with his butt out is funny,” Timberlake said. “And I think we all know I put my body on the line for comedy.”

The stars of Crazy, Stupid, Love also paraded an interesting mix of designers on the red carpet; Julianne Moore was in Stella McCartney, Marisa Tomei chose Vivienne Westwood, and Ryan Gosling wore a custom Gucci suit.

Steve Carell, whose nerdy character receives a makeover by Gosling’s suave ladies’ man in the movie, insisted he is a fashion plate in real life. “It’s so hard for me to play any sort of schlubby guy because I am naturally such a good dresser. I dress like this all the time,” Carell said, gesturing at his suit. “I wake up and I have makeup applied. I have a makeup artist that lives in a room in our house, and they wake up half an hour before I wake up, set out all of their makeup, and I have makeup applied. And I’m not even going out; that’s just for me in the house.”

So after doing this movie, do Carell’s abs now look like Gosling’s? “Of course they do,” he said.

Photos: Emma Stone and Mila Kunis (top left) and Justin Timberlake (bottom right).