Bettina’s Take: George Farias, Anne and Jay McInerney’s Holiday Cocktail Party

Tom Ford

George Farias and Anne and Jay McInerney gave a fabulous holiday cocktail party at the 21 Club. Everyone was there, from Candace Bushnell to Susan Stroman. The brilliant and beautiful conservative pundit Monica Crowley was having a meeting of the minds with Governor David Paterson while the Salvation Army band played.

The room was decorated in snowy white, filled with votive candles that made everyone look like movie-star versions of themselves.

“Something smells like burning,” whispered our worried host, and indeed, the fur hem of a guest’s dress had brushed against a votive and started to smolder.

Luckily, someone acted fast and put it out, and no one else noticed, as we were all having too much fun. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia had a hard time prying Ivana Lowell away from fans of her book, Why Not Say What Happened?, to make it to dinner downtown.

All were congratulating Sharon Bush on her daughter Lauren’s engagement to David Lauren. Morgan Entrekin was talking to Taki Theodoracopulos (about what? I wish I knew). The end was called for 8:30, but from what I hear, guests stayed until way past 9. A great success.

Photo: George Farias, Candace Bushnell, Anne Hearst McInerney, and Jay McInerney at the holiday fete.