Emma Watson, Justin Bieber's Haircuts ‘Most Influential’ of 2011

justin bieber emma watson most googled haircuts 2011

Photos: Steve GranitzJon/WireImage | Furniss/WireImage

Justin Bieber and Emma Watson's hairstyles were most searched cuts of 2011.

We already knew that Justin Bieber ruled the fragrance front, but now that famous ‘do is taking a 2011 superlative as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bieber's signature swish was one of the most-searched celebrity haircuts on Google this year, earning it one of the Most Influential Haircut titles.

As for the ladies’ equivalent style? Though the Duchess of Cambridge may be the beauty icon of the year, her glossy mane didn’t make the cut (so to speak).

Emma Watson’s versatile pixie cut—the one she swears wasn’t her “Britney Spears moment”—took that honor, making it the other Most Influential Celebrity Haircut.

Now, who has a pair of scissors?