The Benefits Of Using Natural Skin Care Products

There is an old saying - “You are what you eat” - which has revolutionized the way that we think about food and diet. With rising obesity levels and the rise in consumption of processed ‘fast foods’, people have become more aware of just what they are putting into their bodies.

How many people give the same level of consideration to what they put on their skin?

Your skin is absorbent

Let’s consider a new variation of the old saying – “You are what you put on your skin”.

The skin is actually the largest organ in the human body, and it is worthy to note that it actually absorbs a large percentage of whatever is put on it. When the sheer amount of beauty and skincare products is considered, the question of whether this is a safe practice is naturally raised.

To dispel any myths or undue concerns, it should be first clarified that the skin is super absorbent, but it also acts as a barrier to preventing everything it absorbs from being ingested into the bloodstream.

For this reason, cosmetic chemists involve themselves in ensuring that beauty products can be absorbed by the skin layer safely, without undue harm to the body.

Using natural skin care products

While a great deal of effort is put into the formulations used in beauty products, a fair percentage of the chemicals used can find their way into the body, particularly when such products are used on a daily basis. While the body has a natural ability to cope with toxins, chemicals, and foreign elements, extreme cases can result in physical side effects like skin irritations, respiratory stress, headaches and even a weakening of the immune system.

The move to more natural products will take a great deal of this stress off the body, making it of significant benefit to choosing such alternatives.

These days, a number of natural options are available, and a product range like yope caters to those seeking a more ‘friendly’ organic skincare choice.

Do natural ingredients work effectively?

Firstly, a natural ingredient by definition is “an ingredient which is found to be formed by nature, without the use of synthesized chemicals”.

With the increase in popularity of natural products as a better health choice, a great deal of testing has gone into ensuring the efficiency of such skincare and beauty products.

It should be pointed out that many such products listed as having natural ingredients may also contain some chemicals – in particular, preservatives. However, substituting synthetic ingredients with natural alternatives can mean a product that is far kinder to the body.

Some beneficial ingredients to look out for

There is quite a substantial list of beneficial natural ingredients to look out for when considering skincare products. Some of the more obvious ones include:

•   Anti-oxidants. Vitamin C and flavonoids are amongst the anti-oxidants which combat cell degeneration and aging to improve skin tone and radiance.

•   Zinc oxide provides natural sun protection and has a calmative effect on the skin.

•   Fruit acids act as an exfoliant and help scour the outer layers of dead skin cells.

•   Retinol is a powerful skin tonic that can remedy acne, unblock pores and reverse sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Organic skincare products are typically manufactured to the same standards as organic food. A more natural choice of skincare means a choice of more natural ingredients that can work in harmony with the body to balance and heal the skin without synthetic ingredients.