What are The Best Eyeliners in The World?

When you enter the world of makeup, eyeliner is surely an essential. You end up needing an eyeliner almost daily. Whether it is a tight-lining, winged eyeliner, or a gorgeous smoky eye, a good eyeliner can solve it all for you. On the market currently, there is a wide variety of makeup products available to satisfy your taste and preferences. Confusion is natural with so many brands, versions, and quality. So we are here to make your life a bit easier with a compilation of the best eyeliners in the world.

Eyeliner types in brief detail

Depending on your requirements, there is a wide array of eyeliners to choose from. Further, there are three major categories in which you can divide eyeliner. For example, pencil, gel, and liquid eyeliners are the primary eyeliner categories that you will find on the market.

•  Pencil eyeliners are the most traditional. By the name, you can undoubtedly guess the look of it in a twisted or pencil form. A pencil eyeliner is best when you want to highlight the lash line or water line. You can also smudge out the color to create the perfect smoky eyes.

•  When it comes to a liquid eyeliner, it is primarily used to line the upper eyelids close to the lash line. It is the best type of eyeliner when you wish to get a winged look or to create a flick. Most of the liquid eyeliners come with a felt tip applicator, or a fine brush. Both will give you a perfect winged look.

•  Gel eyeliner is now the most popular and a favorite of people who love highlighting their eyes. They come in twist-up, pencil, or pot forms. Also a gel eyeliner is the best option for a long smudge-free look.

The best eyeliners in the world

Let us start with the best pencil eyeliners worldwide at present.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil

A list of the best pencil eyeliners would be a total waste, if you did not consider this one product. Every person who is aware of the makeup world and its trends will surely know about Urban Decay. It is a leading brand of make-up products, and their Glide On eye pencil is one of the best on the market.


•   Super smooth

•   Easy blending

•   Will not cause any irritation in the eyes

•   Creamy texture

•   The rich color does not wear away soon

•   Transfer resistant


According to people who have used this product, there is hardly anything bad about it. Instead it is now the holy grail for beauty enthusiasts. They often choose Urban Decay Glide On eye pencil over any other liner product. Besides why not show some brand loyalty when you get such a rich and smooth eyeliner experience with this?

Available in shades:

•   Perversion

•   Zero

•   Heartless

•   Electric

•   Stash

•   Bourbon

•   Yeyo

•   Underground

•   Rockstar

•   Oil slick

•   Whiskey

•   Mildew

•   Asphyxia

•   Corrupt

•   Demolition

•   Woodstock

•   Hustle

•   Junkie

•   Mushroom

•   Psychedelic Sister

•   Uzi

•   Smoke

•   Roach

•   Smog

•   Scorch

•   Desperation

•   Loaded

•   Goldmine

•   Invasion

•   Freak

•   Deep End

•   LSD

•   Abyss

•   Sabbath

•   Ether

•   Chaos

•   Vice

•   Delinquent

•   Cuff

•   Empire

•   Mainline

Well, the above-mentioned list of eyeliner shades justifies the fact that Urban Decay eyeliners are ruling the makeup world.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ kohl Liquid Eye Pencil

As you may already know, Charlotte Tilbury is a leading name in the world of makeup, and the Rock ‘N’ Kohl is one of their best products. The product contains crushed pearls to give you a richer and smoother eyeliner experience. This product will glide across your eyelid in a way that will make it feel as if it is a liquid product. Rock ‘N’ KohlbyCharlotte Tilbury comes in a sooty and soft texture to produce a perfect kohl-eye look.


•   Effortless blending

•   Crushed pearl content collagen production, and also hydrates the skin

•   Waterproof

•   Paraben-free

•   Smudge free for over 14 hours

•   Rich and creamy consistency helps in smoother application


Although, the Rock ‘N’ Kohl by Charlotte Tilbury is priced on the higher side, it is totally worth trying. This is one product that may make you fall in love with it for the rest of your life. So if you are not willing to compromise quality due to price, then this is the perfect product for you. It is a purchase that is worth every penny.

Available in shades:

•   Bedroom Black

•   Eye Cheat

•   Marlene Midnight

•   Elizabeth Violet

•   Veruschka Mink

•   Barbarella Brown

There are several other brands of eyeliners that follow these two on the list. However, we leave you to try these first. Some of the other products that you may want to try are YSL Couture Kajal, Rimmel London soft kohl, Lancôme Grandiose liquid eyeliner, and Revlon Colorstay gel eyeliner.