The Perfect Way To Get Voluminous Hair

The perfect voluminous hair look first became popular in the ’80s. However, it is not going to leave us anytime soon. Who does not like to have hair full of volume and shine? It is by far the most trending hairstyle, which will forever stay in fashion. Lustrous and voluminous hair, full of shine and strength, is every girl’s dream. If you envy people who have voluminous hair, grab a seat as we are about to share some secrets.

No matter which type of hair you have, you no longer have to keep it looking thin or flat. For a voluminous look, the hair type does not matter at all. It is all about managing your hair in the right way to achieve the perfect look. Now, you must be thinking about how you can make your hair full of volume quickly. Well, we have got you covered.

Here is a perfect way to get voluminous hair without much struggle. Let us look at the step-by-step guide to thicken our thin-looking hair as quick as possible.

Step 1: Gather hair tools and accessories

To get voluminous hair, you will need the following things:

•  A professional hairdryer with a concentrator attached to it

•  A round brush with soft bristles

•  A hair protectant spray

•  A curling iron or wand

•  A paddle brush or teasing brush

•  A volume-building powder or spray

You can also check out some exceptional haircare products specially designed to give your hair more volume and strength. When you have all of these things at home, you are minutes away from the final look.

Step 2: Wash your hair and apply some heat protectant

To get the perfect look you have been waiting for, start the process with freshly washed hair. Now, apply a long-lasting hair protectant spray on your hair. Since you will be using a hairdryer, you have to ensure your hair is safe later on. It should be your go-to product as it will retain all the moisture and keep the hair from getting dry.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair

If you want the perfect blow out like the ones done in professional salons, then stick to this strategy:

•  Use a round brush and part your hair in small sections

•  Now take a small section and wrap your hair around the brush by first starting from the roots

•  Start the blow drying process and be patient with it

•  Gradually pull the round brush away from the roots and move towards the tips

•  Ensure your dryer’s nozzle is pointing downwards while drying

•  Roll the brush to your roots and pull it to the tips until the hair section has dried out

•  Once all the hair has dried, finish the process with natural fresh air to hold in the style

Step 3: Get your hands on hair extensions

After blow-drying your hair, put on some hair extensions. Consider this a little hack to get the perfect voluminous hair. Nowadays, hair extensions are pretty standard, and many people use it to get some extra thickness. Please go with the thickest hair extensions that will give you fabulous volume within seconds. Try to buy the hair extensions that are easy to clip on the head and feel light.

Step 4: Let the curling begin

With the help of a curling wand, twist each section of the hair away from the roots. Remember always to curl the hair in the same direction, or the curls will not look sleek. Do not over-curl your hair as a lot of heat will damage your hair. Let the curls cool on their own and touch the hair only when it does not feel hot anymore. After curling, scrunch up the curls to make sure they are correctly set.

Step 5: Open up some curls

For a voluminous look, you will have to open up the curls or tease them a little. It will instantly give you that volume, making your hair bigger than usual. Try to backcomb your hair, so the hair gets lifted from the roots. When you backcomb the curls, they will pop up more, and your hair will look thick. You can do this easily with a paddle brush or a teasing brush. However, be gentle with it as you certainly do not want to create frizz.

Step 6: Use the voluminous spray or powder

Spraying is the final step to secure the dream look of yours. Just add some hair spray or powder to give some edge to your hair. Start with spraying the roots as well as the curled sections to let the product do its magic. Try not to put a lot of product as it might weigh down your hair.

There are some natural ways to get some volume, such as going for a short haircut, getting some layers, changing the hair parting, etc. However, if you want instant results, then practice the routine mentioned above. You will surely look over the top with this perfect way to get voluminous hair.