Five Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Perfume

Applying perfume is easy enough, right? You just give yourself a spritz and you’re good to go. That said, if you’re going to wear perfume, you want to wear it right, and you may have been misapplying it all these years. There is a science behind wearing perfume, and when you understand how it works, you can dramatically boost the effectiveness of your perfume.

1. Don’t use old perfume

Perfume doesn’t last forever. While there may not be a physical expiry date on your favorite fragrance, as soon as it’s opened, it will begin to change. Oxygen will start to break down the scent and it will lose its effectiveness in as little as three months. The best way to ensure your perfume is always fresh is by purchasing small bottles more frequently or subscribing to a monthly service like Scent Magic. They will deliver out just enough to get you through each month, so you never need to worry about your perfume losing its scent.

2. Don’t rub it in

It’s common to spray on your perfume and then rub it in. You likely give your wrists a spritz and then rub them together. You create friction and heat when you rub in your perfume, which will cause the scent to change. Although your natural body heat will activate the fragrance throughout the day, rubbing it will cause it to heat up too fast, and may ruin the scent. Instead, just spray and let it dry. Doing this will also help it last longer throughout the day.

3. Store it properly

Perfume is very sensitive to extreme conditions, such as excessive heat, cold, or humidity. It especially doesn’t like dramatic changes in temperature. It will set off a chemical reaction in the perfume, causing it to change in smell and even in color. The best way to store your perfume is at room temperature. Keep it in a dark place, such as in the box that it came in or in a cabinet.

4. Spray it in your hair

Where you apply your perfume is essential in determining its effectiveness. Avoid spraying it anywhere that you will cover with your clothing since it will instantly mask the scent. Instead, spray on your wrists and the pulse points of your neck. Since the heat impacts the smell of your fragrance, it can start to change the minute you spray it on your skin, especially if it’s hot outside. While your perfume warming naturally will help activate the fragrance if it mixes with sweat it will completely change the scent. Avoid spraying it on your skin at all in the summer or when in warm climates. Instead, give your hair a spritz, or your clothing. Your hair will hold on to the scent for much longer.

5. Don’t be afraid of synthetics

While many people prefer to use an all-natural perfume, they may not be as effective at creating an impactful and long-lasting scent. You cannot extract certain scents from their natural source, and therefore, companies create a synthetic alternative. It’s best to look for a blend of synthetic and natural fragrances to ensure your perfume performs well. Anything synthetic is highly controlled and tested to make sure it’s completely safe.