New Magnetic Lashes: How Long Do They Last?

The quest for great eyelashes has to lead to some significant innovations and advancements in the eyelash industry. With so many tools and products for enhancing eyelashes, we are sure of how important they are. But with the development of magnetic lashes, you don't have to worry about mess and glue anymore!

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Unlike the fake lashes that are glued on to your eyelid, magnetic lashes use tiny, but strong magnets to keep them in place. So basically how it works is you "sandwich" your natural lashes between two layers of magnetic lashes. It means that you will need two sets of lashes for each eye. It’s a little tricky to apply at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite simple and easy. The primary benefit of these lashes is that they don't take much time like adhesive lashes. You can apply than in a matter of seconds.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are glue-free, mess-free, easy to apply, easy to remove, and more likely to be reused again. These strips have tiny magnets attached to them. They are only used on the top eyelash, and the bottom ones are left as they are. The key to the application is placing the magnetic lash as close to the natural lash line as possible. The magnets of both upper and lower lash will stick to each other with a click.

Apply Some Mascara

While applying regular strip lashes, usually mascara is not recommended, but while using magnetic lashes, having some extra grip on the lashes is essential.

Apply the Top Lash

All magnetic lashes, as discussed earlier, come in sets of two rows for each eye. Grab the top lash and place it along your natural lash line. The closer to the lash line, the better.

Apply the Lower Lash

Keeping the top magnetic lash piece balanced in place on your upper lash line, take the lower lash line and align it with the upper lash. Once they are in a perfect position, the magnets will snap the two lashes together firmly, sandwiching your eyelid between them. Use your finger to make final adjustments. That's it; you're done. It was as simple as that.

Popular Choice

Ever since the new magnetic lashes came out, they have been in popular demand, and everyone is talking about them. They come in many varieties in terms of material, quality, and cost. So you can choose from a wide range according to your needs. Just like adhesive false lashes, they may be reused.

How Long Do They Last?

One of the most asked questions about new magnetic lashes is, how long do they last? And its only fair to ask so, as you spend a substantial amount of money on these. Although adhesive lashes are reusable, how long will they last depends on how well they’re taken care of. Usually, the synthetic and less costly ones can be used 5 to 6 times, whereas the more expensive ones which use human hair or animal fur can be reused about 25 to 30 times if cared for properly. That's about a whole month. In the case of magnetic lashes, they are also usable, but you may not have to take care of them so meticulously. That means you don’t necessarily need to wash them and clean them every time you put them on, as there is no glue. It means a longer life span and less maintenance.

New magnetic lashes offer a perfect alternative to the messier adhesive false lashes. And they swept the markets by storm when they came out, due to obvious reasons. They can be applied free of mess in a matter of seconds.